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Luminus Horticulture LEDs offer industry leading performance in term of PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) and PPF/W metrics and come in a variety of package types ranging from mid-power to high power LEDs.


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LED Family LED Number of LEDs Current(mA) Junction Temperature(°C) Forward Voltage(V) Electrical Power(W) Optical Power(W) Luminous Flux(lm) Wall Plug Efficiency(%) PPF (umol/s) (400-700nm) PF (umol/s) (300-830nm) PPF/W (400-700nm) PF/W (300-830nm) PF% (300-830nm)
Totals - - - -

Photon Flux Range Table

Photon Flux Range Totals umol/s %PAR %Photons
PPF (400-700nm)
PPF (400-500nm)
PPF (500-600nm)
PPF (600-700nm)
PF FR (700-800nm) -
PF UV (300–400nm) -
PF TOTAL (300-830nm) -

This calculator is for reference use only and does not constitute a product specification guarantee.

The user should refer to the Luminus website for the most up to date product specifications and performance metrics.